About Us

Los Angeles electrician locally owned and operatedSince 2004, U.S. Electric Force has been providing customers throughout Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, Ventura County, and surrounding areas with quality, military trained electrical services for residential, commercial and industrial customers.


We are a full service Los Angeles Electrician business that is locally owned and operated. We provide quality, military trained work with guaranteed customer satisfaction.


Los Angeles Electrician Locally Owned and OperatedAfter joining the military over 20 years ago, Greg Dermenjyan, owner of U.S. Electric Force, trained as a lineman at the Technical School. As a high security clearance lineman, Greg worked on high-power overhead electrical lines and provided power to the command centers.

A year into his service, Greg was named an Electrical Systems Specialist.

Greg worked with individual command units who had electrical problems. While working with many different ranks in the military service, Greg realized the importance of customer satisfaction.

Quality of work and customer satisfaction has been Greg’s priority since his days in the military. These objectives were achieved due to constant training, higher education, and treating others with dignity and respect.


“Today, I am continuing my U.S. Military tradition and providing you the same quality of work and satisfaction in the greater Los Angeles area, ” says Greg. “So be safe, hire a vet!”


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